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About Us


What if there was a collection of apparel and lifestyle pieces that allowed you to express your alter ego? That’s the question that inspires art by Alter Ego Expressions and everything we create. You should have the freedom to express your second self as you move through the world so we designed our products to make you feel comfortable expressing every dimension of you.

We believe that apparel and lifestyle merchandise should be designed to empower you to express the many dimensions that make you YOU. All merchandise we sell features artwork by 19-year old Seattle-based artist, Ayanna Ali. 

In her own words: "My style has been described as futuristic, bold, alternative and out of the ordinary. Through my Artwear collections, I try to express the complete range of moods and emotions and the many facets of the human personality. As brand name, Alter Ego Expressions captures the essence of my vision for my art.  

I've been making art since I can remember and I create in different mediums including colored illustration with pencil and pen sketch and painting with acrylics, watercolor and oil pastels. I love the creative process and exploring ideas for how my art can bring different products to life." 

- Ayanna Ali